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New unit now includes both the TJPro and the TJ RevMax. Simply select whether you want to govern or limit while in the calibration mode. Although super servo mode for the TJPro is no longer supported, we still recommend a fast Digital servo to yield the best performance. Fully Compatible with all 2.4Ghz systems and conversion modules. Also compatible with the latest high speed receivers.Kit Includes:Hall sensor2 Magnets30 and 50/60/90 BracketsThrottle receiver LeadAuxiliary Lead SPECIFICATIONS: Regulation Range: 9500 ~ 20500 rpm engine shaft speed4750 ~ 10250 4 stroke rpm w/2 magnets Control System: Adaptive, digital, Feed-Forward Control Resolution:(Decimation Error) 0.04Hz (2.26rpm engine speed) Response: 20ms Operating Voltage: 3.56 -8V 10volts MAX Operating Temp.: -40 to +85 degrees C Weight: 20g Current Drain: 17mA @ 4.8V Over-sampling: 8X Nominal Command: 1510us Absolute Range: 900us to 2200us

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