Shipping costs

By default, we only ship to the countries listed below. Depending on the size of your order, you will be sent by DPD or post.

You can find the respective shipping costs in the table below

Shipping costs Germany and Austria

Austria 4.90

Germany 7.90

The delivery times shown in the item or in the shopping cart apply.

Shipping costs Switzerland

Switzerland 24.90

In comparison with Germany and Austria, a three-day longer package term is to be counted.

Shipping costs Rest of Europe

Spain 24.90

Portugal 24.90

Greece 24.90

Liechtenstein 24.90

Norway and Islands 24.90

Belgium 14.90

Bulgaria 14.90

Denmark 14.90

Estonia 14.90

Finland 14.90

France 14.90

Ireland 14.90

Italy 14.90

Croatia 14.90

Latvia 14.90

Lithuania 14.90

Luxembourg 14.90

Malta 14.90

Netherlands 14.90

Poland 14.90

Romania 14.90

Sweden 14.90

Slovakia 14.90

Slovenia 14.90

Czech Republic 14.90

Hungary 14.90

United Kingdom 14.90

Cyprus 14.90

The estimated shipping costs can only be used if the basket is not empty.