GAUI 500X PLUS Quad Flyer

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Flight Controller

Flight Controller

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Specifications:Dimensions:43x29x14mmWorking current:60MaOperating voltage:3.6V~8.4VProcessor:32byte ARMOutput rate:360HzRadio compatibility:2.4G,,PCM,S-BUS,DSM2,DSMXWeight:14g(with cable)Features:With built-in acceleration sensor, making flight more stable;Supports 4 flight modes, +","X","HEXA6? and "Y6?
Attitude Stabilized Mode - Dos can auto stabilize the aircraft flight attitude in this mode, pitch and roll stick center position for 0 °attitude,its endpoint is 45 ° , pitch and roll stick can linear control the flight attitude, maximum angular velocity is 150 ° / s. Yaw stick in the center position will lock current course , its endpoint corresponding maximum rotation rate 135 ° per second, yaw stick can linear control the aircraft rotation rate. Throttle stick direct control aircraft climb and decline, climbing and declining rate is directly related to the throttle.Hovering Mode - The GPS Module must be connected to the DoS with at least 5 GPS satellites detected.In this Mode, pitch, roll, yaw control method is the same as Attitude Stabilized Mode.DOS can auto control flight altitude.Climbing and descending rate is directly related to the throttle, when the throttle stick is in the center position,DOS auto locks the altitude, in maximum means climb rate is 3 m/s, in minimum means decline rate is 1.5 m/s.Throttle stick can linear control the aircraft climb and decline rate.Pitch, roll sticks released will lock the position when GPS signal is adequate,non-released will equivalent of Attitude Stabilized Mode. Auto Return To Launch Mode(RTH) - The GPS Module must be connected to the DoS with at least 5 GPS satellites detected.In this Mode, pitch, roll, yaw and altitude control method is the same as Hovering Mode. Pitch, roll sticks released will automatically fly the aircraft back to the take-off point, Maximum return to home point speed: 5.5m/s.Camera Gimbal Stabilization - DoS multi-rotor firmware,when is used to control the aircraft under 6 axis, can simultaneously control two axis Camera Gimbal StabilizationFirst Person View (FPV): - Can be connected to the Hornet - OSD, the flight data overlay to video output,and through the vodeo transmission system to send back, let you enjoy the fun of FPV. And it will be easier to operate FPV with the functions of automatic balance, Hovering and Auto Return To Launch.Real time telemetry-real time monitor: - Real time telemetry-real time monitor the flying state, using the Data Radio to lengthen the remote control distance.


add a Gimbal an convert to a movie copter

3 Axis Brushless Camera Gimbal(RTF Version)

Working voltage:3S-4S Lipo battery
Roll Angle: -90º to +90º
Pitch Angle: -45º to +45º
Y Angle:-90º to +90º
Total weight:215g

1*Aluminum 3axis Gimbal Frame
2*2208 Brushless motor
1*2204 Brushless motor
4*Anti-vibration ball
1*BGC 32Bit gimbal controller with sensor
RTF Version,with all parts assembled.
Camera compatible:Gopro3,Boscam HD19,SJ4000 and similar ones.

2 Axis Brushless Camera Gimbal(RTF version)

Working voltage:11.0V-12.0V,3S battery recommended.

1 * Aluminum gimbal
 2* 2208 motor
 1* BGC2.2 gimbal controller
 1* sensor
 4* anti-vibration ball

CNC aluminum structure,excellent design;
Brushless motor direct drive
With anti-vibration rubber balls,easy to adjust
With BGC2.2(the new vervion) gimbal controller,sensor
Designed for Gopro 3

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